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Career Major Information
Web Development Specialist
This career major prepares students to successfully enter the workforce as a web development specialist.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
15.00 TI00858 Safety 1 View Course
15.00 TI00448 Copyright Law View Course
45.00 TI00484 Computer Fundamentals View Course
15.00 TI00485 Professional and Personal Development View Course
120.00 TI00451 Introduction to Graphic Communications View Course
75.00 TI00957 Design and Color Principles 2 - Web View Course
180.00 TI00310 Digital Page Layout View Course
60.00 TI00311 Digital Image Manipulation View Course
60.00 TI00312 Digital File Prep View Course
90.00 TI00487 Project Management Conceptual Design Process View Course
45.00 TI00737 Digital Typography View Course
90.00 TI00489 Basic Computer Illustration View Course
90.00 TI00002 Web Authoring (HTML, Cascading Style Sheets) View Course
90.00 TI00001 Web Site Production View Course
90.00 TI00003 Web Animation (Macromedia Flash) View Course
45.00 TI00221 Portfolio Production 1 View Course
120.00 TI00006 Advanced Web Animation Design View Course
30.00 TI00802 Workforce Staging View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center Choctaw Web Development Specialist View Approved Career Major
Gordon Cooper Technology Center Shawnee Web Development Specialist View Approved Career Major
Metro Technology Center South Bryant Campus Web Development Specialist View Approved Career Major