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Biological Laboratory Technician
Students in this major will be introduced to the world of biotechnology and its applications in the world. They will learn how to follow laboratory protocols including documentation and chain of custody. Students will also learn about OSHA requirements for laboratory technicians, general laboratory safety, the safety guidelines for biological and mechanical hazards, and how to properly transport hazardous materials. In addition, students will also learn the math skills and how to apply these spills in the laboratory when needed for this profession.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
120.00 HL00452 Introduction to Biotechnology View Course
60.00 HL00393 Professionalism and Communication Skills View Course
120.00 HL00455 Biological Laboratory Safety View Course
120.00 HL00451 Applied Mathematics for Laboratory Science View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major This career major is not currently approved at any campuses