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Biological Laboratory Technologist I
Biological Laboratory Technicians provide technical assistance to biological scientists. Level I technicians are responsible for performing general technical work in a variety of tasks that include testing, sampling and analysis of various samples and materials. These technicians are expected to work with limited supervision, and some independent judgment and initiative is required. They set up equipment, prepare and carry out experiments, take measurements and report on their findings. They may work in industry, higher education or for research organizations. Biological Laboratory Technicians help scientists to develop new processes and products, do experiments, or analyze and test biological samples. Lab Technicians look after the day-to-day running of the laboratory. They clean, sterilize and repair equipment, monitor stock, and order replacements when necessary.

Biological Laboratory Technicians must be thorough, methodical and accurate in setting up and carrying out experiments. They must be able to record test results and write technical reports. Many laboratory procedures require solid mathematical skills and the ability to recognize errors in data collection and calculations. Good teamwork skills are very important, because technicians work closely with researchers, scientists, or teachers. Technicians must be prepared and willing to learn to use complicated equipment and to master new laboratory protocols.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
30.00 HL00458 Biological Laboratory Sciences Orientation View Course
120.00 HL00452 Introduction to Biotechnology View Course
60.00 HL00393 Professionalism and Communication Skills View Course
135.00 HL00457 Standard Laboratory Operating Procedures View Course
120.00 HL00455 Biological Laboratory Safety View Course
120.00 HL00451 Applied Mathematics for Laboratory Science View Course
120.00 ST00015 Microbiology View Course
60.00 HL00464 DNA and Protein Analysis Techniques View Course
120.00 HL00468 Work-based Experiences for Biological Sciences II View Course
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