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Dental Hygienist
Students in this major will learn the dental hygiene care procedures including how to care for pediatric and aging patients and how to communicate with patients. They will also learn about pharmacology, dental terminology, head and neck anatomy, and tooth identification. Additionally, students will study the oral cavity with an emphasis on the development of oral structures including the anatomy, functions and structure of teeth. In addition, students will also learn how to do some advanced treatments. There will also be a clinical portion to this major. Students will need to be admitted into the University of Oklahoma Dental Hygiene program prior to enrolling in this major.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
44.00 HL00434 Pediatric Dentistry View Course
45.00 HL00242 Dental Pharmacology View Course
44.00 HL00066 Geriatric Dentistry View Course
88.00 HL00243 General and Oral Histology View Course
44.00 HL00187 Dental Morphology View Course
88.00 HL00244 Clinical Dental Hygiene View Course
45.00 HL00246 Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory View Course
88.00 HL00082 Oral Diagnosis View Course
88.00 HL00245 Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory II View Course
88.00 HL00190 Head and Neck Anatomy View Course
44.00 HL00433 Applied Dental Materials View Course
130.00 HL00070 Oral Radiography I View Course
130.00 HL00191 Preventive Dentistry View Course
44.00 HL00252 Oral Radiography II View Course
130.00 HL00188 Dental Hygiene Research Methods View Course
44.00 HL00183 Dental Materials Science View Course
44.00 HL00069 Dental Hygiene Clinical Rotations I View Course
44.00 HL00186 Dental Hygiene Process of Care View Course
260.00 HL00250 Clinical Dental Hygiene III View Course
44.00 HL00184 Dental Hygiene Clinical Rotations II View Course
44.00 HL00253 Periodontics I View Course
130.00 HL00074 Dental Hygiene Senior Project Capstone View Course
44.00 HL00067 Dental Hygiene Practice Management View Course
44.00 HL00185 Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence View Course
88.00 HL00251 Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice View Course
260.00 HL00431 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV View Course
88.00 HL00192 Pain Control for Dental Hygiene Care View Course
176.00 HL00081 Oral Pathology View Course
44.00 HL00071 Periodontics II View Course
88.00 HL00249 Community Health Issues in Dental View Course
15.00 HL00068 Community Health Practicum View Course
44.00 HL00254 Periodontics III View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Southern Oklahoma Technology Center Ardmore Dental Hygienist View Approved Career Major
Tri County Technology Center Bartlesville Dental Hygienist View Approved Career Major
Western Technology Center Burns Flat Dental Hygienist View Approved Career Major