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Emergency Medical Technician (Advanced & Paramedic)
Emergency Medical Technicians will complete the EMT-Advanced and EMT-Paramedic majors in order to become EMT-Paramedics. Students will study the same topics as EMT-Basics, but more in depth. The students will learn airway management and ventilation, how to perform patient assessment, how to respond and treat patients in medical emergencies, and how to manage trauma patients. They will gain fundamental knowledge of EMS operational roles and responsibilities, including ethics, to ensure safe and effective response, scene management, and transport of patients. Students must complete EMT-Basic prior to enrolling in this one and they must obtain EMT-Paramedic certification to work in this field. A combination of EMT Advanced and EMT Paramedic Career Majors.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
165.00 HL00301 EMT- Prerequisite View Course
81.00 HL00060 Advanced EMT Core View Course
112.00 HL00061 Advanced EMT Clinical Preceptorship View Course
124.00 HL00348 Paramedic Preparatory View Course
24.00 HL00210 Paramedic Airway Management and Ventilation View Course
57.00 HL00211 Paramedic Patient Assessment View Course
82.00 HL00125 Paramedic Trauma Emergencies View Course
218.00 HL00126 Paramedic Medical Emergencies View Course
89.00 HL00146 Special Patient Populations for the Paramedic View Course
16.00 HL00127 Paramedic Assessment Based Management View Course
62.00 HL00128 EMS Operations for the Paramedic View Course
280.00 HL00147 Paramedic Preceptorship and Leadership View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Autry Technology Center Enid Emergency Medical Technician (Advanced & Paramedic) View Approved Career Major
Pontotoc Technology Center Ada Emergency Medical Technician (Advanced & Paramedic) View Approved Career Major