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Career Major Information
Health Care Technician
The Health Care Technician represents the combined career majors of Health Care Assistant I and Health Care Assistant II. The individual completing this career major will receive certification in CPR/First Aid and Medication Administration Technician. They will be prepared to take their state certification tests in Long Term Care and Home Health Aide. They will have their foundational courses in Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology. They will also have completed the requisite number of hours to be employed as a medical assistant.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
225.00 HL00032 Health Careers Core Curriculum (Technology Center) View Course
15.00 HL00169 Core Healthcare Provider CPR and First Aid View Course
45.00 HL00342 Core Medical Terminology View Course
40.00 HL00097 Concepts of Nursing View Course
120.00 HL00046 Anatomy and Physiology View Course
91.00 HL00004 Long Term Care Aide View Course
16.00 HL00001 Home Health Care Nursing Assistant View Course
160.00 HL00098 Fundamentals of Nursing View Course
16.00 HL00359 Medication Administration Technician View Course
60.00 HL00404 Introduction to Medical Office Clinical Procedures (Part 1) View Course
60.00 HL00394 Introduction to the Medical Office Clinical Procedures (Part II) View Course
30.00 HL00529 Information Technology Applications View Course
45.00 HL00233 Pharmacology View Course
45.00 HL00229 Medical Assisting Simulation View Course
15.00 HL00530 Intro to Medical Assisting View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Meridian Technology Center Stillwater Health Care Technician View Approved Career Major