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Medical Office Specialist
Students in this major will learn about front office procedures needed in doctor’s offices and other medical settings. They will learn how to type, format documents, and use MS Word, Excel, and Outlook. In addition, students will also learn how to prepare medical insurance forms, transcript medical reports, code, and how to bill and schedule. Students will also learn CPR/First Aid, medical terminology and the basics of anatomy and physiology. Students will practice in a variety of settings as chosen by the instructor. Upon completion of this course, students will have experience and skills necessary to become employed in a medical, dental or veterinary office setting.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
45.00 HL00228 Computer Keyboarding View Course
138.00 HL00436 Introduction to Microsoft Programs View Course
30.00 BT00162 MS Word and Computer Literacy View Course
45.00 HL00342 Core Medical Terminology View Course
30.00 HL00365 Introduction to Medical Office View Course
45.00 HL00368 Medical Informatics View Course
45.00 HL00287 Introduction to Medical Insurance View Course
48.00 HL00435 Introduction to Medical Transcription View Course
45.00 HL00367 Medical Coding View Course
48.00 HL00438 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology View Course
15.00 HL00016 Core Technical Skills in Healthcare View Course
15.00 HL00050 Core First Aid View Course
6.00 HL00414 Core Healthcare Provider CPR View Course
80.00 HL00439 Medical Office Specialist Internship View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Canadian Valley Technology Center Earl Cowan Medical Office Specialist View Approved Career Major
Canadian Valley Technology Center El Reno TC Medical Office Specialist View Approved Career Major
Tri County Technology Center Bartlesville Medical Office Specialist View Approved Career Major
Wes Watkins Technology Center Wetumka Medical Office Specialist View Approved Career Major