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Career Major Information
Culinary Arts
This career major will provide opportunities to enter the culinary arts industry by providing comprehensive training. Students will learn a wide range of topics to include safety and sanitation, preparing stocks, sauces and soups, meat fabrication, baking, pastry, and garde manger.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
135.00 FC00147 Basic Kitchen Skills/Safety and Sanitation View Course
30.00 FC00231 Stocks and Sauces View Course
15.00 FC00232 Introduction to Soups View Course
30.00 FC00180 Fruit and Vegetables View Course
20.00 FC00123 Grains, Legumes and Pasta View Course
15.00 FC00233 Introduction to Egg Cookery View Course
50.00 FC00106 Meat and Poultry View Course
15.00 FC00234 Game Meats Identification and Fabrication View Course
20.00 FC00125 Fish and Shellfish View Course
70.00 FC00121 Cooking Methods View Course
45.00 FC00235 Combination and Progressive Cooking Techniques View Course
30.00 FC00210 FACSEd Career Readiness Core View Course
50.00 FC00179 Introduction to Garde Manger View Course
40.00 FC00236 Introduction to Curing and Smoking Meats View Course
35.00 FC00237 Inroduction to Sausage View Course
65.00 FC00139 Garde Manger for the Culinary Hospitality Assistant View Course
30.00 FC00177 Sandwiches, Appetizers and Hor's d'Oeuvres View Course
200.00 FC00061 Basic Baking Skills View Course
15.00 FC00063 Chocolate Work View Course
30.00 FC00211 FACSEd Career Readiness Advanced View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Francis Tuttle Technology Center Rockwell Culinary Arts View Approved Career Major