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Career Major Information
Culinary Hospitality Assistant
This major prepares students as culinary assistants who perform a variety of food preparation tasks in food services and/or food preparation. Instruction provides an overview of restaurant duties , international cuisines, and management skills in the hospitality industry.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
65.00 FC00114 Introduction to Culinary Arts View Course
65.00 FC00159 Safety, Sanitation and Tools View Course
65.00 FC00160 Foundations in Culinary I View Course
65.00 FC00161 Foundations in Culinary II View Course
65.00 FC00115 Culinary Business & Management Principles View Course
65.00 FC00134 Foundations in Baking I View Course
65.00 FC00135 Foundations in Baking II View Course
70.00 FC00136 Nutrition & Healthy Cooking Techniques View Course
70.00 FC00137 Enterpreneurship & Employment Skills View Course
65.00 FC00138 Hospitality & Service Techniques View Course
65.00 FC00139 Garde Manger for the Culinary Hospitality Assistant View Course
65.00 FC00140 Intermediate Culinary Skill Development I View Course
65.00 FC00141 Intermediate Culinary Skill Development II View Course
65.00 FC00142 Intermediate Baking & Pastry Skill Development View Course
65.00 FC00143 International Cuisines View Course
60.00 FC00209 FACS Ed Capstone View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Great Plains Technology Center Lawton Culinary Hospitality Assistant View Approved Career Major
Indian Capital Technology Center Muskogee Culinary Hospitality Assistant View Approved Career Major