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Sous Chef
This major prepares students as sous chefs who are assistants to head or executive chefs and may be responsible for scheduling, inventory control, supervision of staff, and filling in when the head chef is off-duty. Instruction incorporates basic kitchen and cooking skills, safety and sanitation, and nutrition basics along with quantity food preparation, catering/specialty buffets, and international dishes. Students learn advanced preparations methods of stocks/soups/sauces, eggs/diary products/cheeses, meat/ poultry/fish/shellfish dishes, salads/fruits/hors d’oeuvres and breads/pastries. Included are internal/external internships, both in the area of interest in culinary arts and in a food service setting such as a hospital, hotel or restaurant.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
135.00 FC00147 Basic Kitchen Skills/Safety and Sanitation View Course
30.00 FC00098 Basic Nutrition View Course
90.00 FC00148 Stocks, Soups and Sauces View Course
105.00 FC00149 Advanced Cookery View Course
55.00 FC00150 International Cuisine Cooking View Course
16.00 FC00166 Breakfast Cookery View Course
35.00 FC00151 Quantity Food Production View Course
150.00 FC00152 Bread and Pastry Production View Course
185.00 FC00181 Catering/Specialty Buffets View Course
85.00 FC00095 Garde Manger View Course
60.00 FC00209 FACS Ed Capstone View Course
100.00 FC00069 Culinary Arts Internship I View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Kiamichi Technology Center Durant Sous Chef View Approved Career Major
Kiamichi Technology Center Idabel Sous Chef View Approved Career Major
Kiamichi Technology Center Poteau Sous Chef View Approved Career Major