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WARNING: This career major has been modified. The noted changes are in the following changelog entries:

Emily Matlock
2011-12-14 10:07:49
8121 Network/Client Operating Systems – Added Fundamentals of Technology or Business and Computer Technology as the pre-requisite course.
Career Major Information
Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst
This career major combines several of the beginning level courses into a solid foundation, allowing students the ability to succeed and pursue an associate’s degree at a higher education institution. This major prepares students to repair, service and troubleshoot personal computers and computer-related equipment and to install and configure operating systems and application software. Students will learn the basics of networking, including installation, configuration and troubleshooting of hardware peripherals and protocols, as well as network administration duties and providing support for network users. Students will also learn various Web authoring languages, scripting languages and security awareness.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
120.00 BT00182 Fundamentals of Technology View Course
  BT00113 Business and Computer Technology View Course
120.00 BT00126 Computer Repair and Troubleshooting I View Course
120.00 BT00017 Network/Client Operating Systems View Course
120.00 BT00037 Server Operating Systems View Course
150.00 BT00052 Network and Routing Fundamentals View Course
120.00 BT00149 Web Authoring Languages View Course
120.00 BT00004 Web Scripting Foundations View Course
120.00 BT00127 Database Design and Programming View Course
90.00 BT00007 Principles of Information Assurance View Course
120.00 BT00110 Career Major Capstone View Course
  BT00223 Advanced Career Major Capstone View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major This career major is not currently approved at any campuses