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WARNING: This career major has been modified. The noted changes are in the following changelog entries:

Emily Matlock
2011-12-14 11:44:38
8160 Advanced Programming – updated test options.
Emily Matlock
2011-12-14 13:29:04
8165 C++ Programming – updated test options.
Emily Matlock
2011-12-14 14:01:30
8166 C# Programming – updated test options and pre-requisite requirement.
Emily Matlock
2011-12-14 14:06:46
8167 Visual Basic.NET Programming – updated test options.
Career Major Information
Game Programmer
This major prepares students for careers as game developers, designers, and computer programmers for the video game industry. Students will learn the history of games, development of sprites, software engineering, game design, interactive fiction, user interfaces, artificial intelligence, game SDKs, networking, multiplayer games, game development environments, and commercialization of software. Students gain skills required for various certifications, including C, C#, C++, Java, Perl, Brainbench, Adobe ACE, ODCTE, Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
120.00 BT00182 Fundamentals of Technology View Course
  BT00113 Business and Computer Technology View Course
120.00 BT00016 Advanced Programming View Course
  BT00124 C# Programming View Course
  BT00123 C++ Programming View Course
  BT00046 Scripting Language Fundamentals View Course
  BT00122 Visual Basic .NET Programming View Course
120.00 BT00121 Systems Analysis, Design and Testing View Course
120.00 BT00055 Software Configuration Management View Course
120.00 BT00205 Cross Platform Game Programming View Course
120.00 BT00190 Fundamentals of Video Game Design View Course
120.00 BT00110 Career Major Capstone View Course
  BT00223 Advanced Career Major Capstone View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major This career major is not currently approved at any campuses