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Flash Developer
This major prepares students to build highly animated, interactive websites using Adobe® Flash® software. Students learn the principles of XHTML and CSS and become proficient in developing websites. Students integrate PHP and XML to build server-side Flash® applications as they master Flash® interactivity with advanced ActionScript techniques. Students research electronic marketing strategies and utilize appropriate design principles as they develop a brand identify and build customer relations for a business. Students gain skills required for Adobe, WOW, and/or CIW industry certifications.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
120.00 BT00182 Fundamentals of Technology View Course
  BT00113 Business and Computer Technology View Course
120.00 BT00149 Web Authoring Languages View Course
  BT00003 Fundamentals of Web Design View Course
120.00 BT00150 Web Authoring Tools View Course
120.00 BT00148 Web Application Technologies View Course
120.00 BT00083 Interactive Marketing Techniques View Course
120.00 BT00144 Flash Application Development View Course
120.00 BT00143 Advanced Flash Application Development View Course
120.00 BT00110 Career Major Capstone View Course
  BT00223 Advanced Career Major Capstone View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major This career major is not currently approved at any campuses