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Advanced EMT Firefighter
This career major provides students with advanced information about the fundamental knowledge and responsibilities of EMS systems, medical and legal considerations, communications, common medical terminology, airway management and ventilation, and shock management.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
84.00 TI01377 Intermediate Core View Course
40.00 TI01006 Fire Academy Firefighter Orientation View Course
128.00 TI01378 Intermediate Clinical Preceptorship View Course
112.00 TI01274 Fire Academy - Firefighter I View Course
48.00 TI01008 Fire Academy - Firefighter II View Course
8.00 TI01009 Fire Academy - Hazardous Materials Awareness View Course
40.00 TI01010 Fire Academy - Hazardous Materials Operations Level View Course
16.00 TI01434 Fire Academy - Basic Vehicle Extrication View Course
24.00 TI01013 Fire Academy - Advanced Vehicle Extrication View Course
16.00 TI01014 Fire Academy - Flammable Liquid and Gas Emergencies View Course
8.00 TI01015 Fire Academy - Flashover Training View Course
8.00 TI01016 Fire Academy - Weapons of Mass Destruction-Awareness View Course
20.00 TI01017 Fire Academy Introduction to Computers View Course
16.00 TI01266 Firefighter Safety and Survival View Course
8.00 TI01019 Fire Academy - NIMS Introduction to the Incident Command System View Course
16.00 TI01018 Fire Academy-Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations View Course
16.00 TI01011 Fire Academy - Introduction to Technical Rescue View Course
88.00 TI01376 Firefighter Physical Requirements View Course
40.00 TI01020 Fire Academy - Fire Department Internship View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major This career major is not currently approved at any campuses