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Career Major Information
Basic EMT Firefighter
This career major provides the student with a fundamental understanding of the EMS system, well being of the EMT, medical/legal and ethical issues to the provision of emergency care.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
37.00 HL00056 Preparatory for the EMT View Course
16.00 HL00154 Airway for EMT View Course
20.00 HL00347 Patient Assessment for EMT View Course
42.00 HL00155 Medicine for EMT View Course
38.00 HL00156 Trauma for EMT View Course
9.00 HL00058 EMS Operations for the EMT View Course
36.00 HL00209 EMT Clinical View Course
42.00 HL00057 Special Patient Populations for EMT View Course
30.00 TI00802 Workforce Staging View Course
40.00 TI00987 Basic EMT Firefighter Clinical Experience View Course
18.00 TI00983 Emergency Vehicle Operations View Course
22.00 TI00978 Live Burns View Course
55.00 TI00952 Basic EMT Firefighter Medical and Physical Requirement for Firefighters View Course
15.00 TI00979 National Incident Management Systems View Course
20.00 TI00966 Basic EMT Firefighter Occupational Overview View Course
10.00 TI00980 Ambulance Operations View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Great Plains Technology Center Lawton Basic EMT Firefighter View Approved Career Major