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Sports & Entertainment Marketing Assistant
Students will learn about the “marketing OF sports” as well as about companies that “market THROUGH sports” and plan promotions by studying various target markets, demographics, needs and wants, pricing strategies, using primary and secondary research methods. Students will analyze celebrities and how their image is tied to endorsements and study endorsement contracts. They will also learn how movies are distributed and marketed to consumers, study film festivals, the product life cycle of celebrities and products and how that affects pricing strategies and promotions. Students will write ads (radio, TV, print), compile an Advertising Manual that shows the various types of print ads and create mock ad campaigns from concept to storyboarding to client presentations. In addition, students will prepare a resume, learn how to interview for jobs, fill out job applications, write business letters and build a portfolio.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
60.00 BT00072 Intro to Sports Marketing View Course
120.00 BT00023 Sports and Entertainment Marketing View Course
60.00 BT00101 Business and Marketing Communications View Course
120.00 BT00070 Advertising Strategies View Course
60.00 BT00021 Sales and Sales Promotion View Course
120.00 BT00110 Career Major Capstone View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Northeast Technology Center Pryor Sports & Entertainment Marketing Assistant View Approved Career Major
Tulsa Technology Center Lemley Sports & Entertainment Marketing Assistant View Approved Career Major
Western Technology Center Sayre Sports & Entertainment Marketing Assistant View Approved Career Major