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General Aviation - Secondary
This Career Major is for High School students only. Within this major the student will cover courses to work toward the AMT certification. There will need to be a continuation of study inorder to become AMT certified. After completion the student will acheive the Ground Handling Servicing Certification.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
49.00 TI01330 Aviation - Secondary, FAR'S/Publications/Mechanical Privileges View Course
35.00 TI01340 Aviation - Secondary, Hand and Power Tools View Course
49.00 TI01316 Aviation - Secondary, Physics & Aerodynamics View Course
35.00 TI01342 Aviation - Secondary, Mathmatics View Course
49.00 TI01345 Aviation - Secondary, Material/Processes/Corrosion Control/Nondestructive Testing View Course
42.00 TI01327 Aviation - Secondary, Weight and Balance View Course
42.00 TI01328 Aviation - Secondary, Hardware/Precision Measrue View Course
28.00 TI01329 Aviation - Secondary, Blueprints and Drawings View Course
42.00 TI01326 Aviation - Secondary, Ground Handling & Servicing View Course
28.00 TI01341 Aviation - Secondary, Fluid Lines and Fittings View Course
70.00 TI01331 Aviation - Secondary, Basic Electricity/Battery Service View Course
42.00 TI01346 Aviation - Secondary, AC Electrical Circuits View Course
42.00 TI01332 Aviation - Secondary, Solid State Circuits View Course
70.00 TI01347 Aviation - Secondary, Wiring Practices View Course
77.00 TI01343 Aviation - Secondary, Aircraft Generators & Motors View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Gordon Cooper Technology Center Shawnee General Aviation - Secondary View Approved Career Major
Tulsa Technology Center Riverside General Aviation - Secondary View Approved Career Major