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Auto Preventive Maintenance with Heating & A/C
Students in this career major will prepare to work in fast lube centers. They will study their roles and responsibilities, shop safety, customer service/greeting, and products – such as oil, filters, and lubricants. They will learn how to be an under the hood and lube technician in addition to learning how to perform interior and exterior detailing. The students will also learn how to mount/dismount, balance and rotate tires/wheels, and perform NATEF heating and air conditioning tasks.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
15.00 TI00868 Introduction to Preventive Maintenance View Course
45.00 TI00870 APMT Preventive Maintenance Introduction and Safety View Course
30.00 TI00369 APMT Roles and Responsibilities of Fast Lube Technicians View Course
30.00 TI00366 Automotive Service Detailing for Delivery View Course
30.00 TI00872 APMT Tire Technician View Course
30.00 TI00867 APMT Hood Technician View Course
15.00 TI00866 APMT Courtesy Technician View Course
15.00 TI00481 APMT Products & Services View Course
30.00 TI00367 APMT Customer Service View Course
95.00 TI01614 Automotive Heating and Air-Conditioning (NATEF aligned) View Course
60.00 TI00869 APMT Lube Technician View Course
60.00 TI00865 APMT Automotive Systems Fundamentals View Course
30.00 TI00368 APMT Greeter and Service Writer View Course
30.00 TI00802 Workforce Staging View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major This career major is not currently approved at any campuses