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Culinary Arts Apprenticeship Program
The BJCC Culinary Arts Apprenticeship Program is based off of the Pro Start Food Industry Program “Becoming a Restaurant and Foodservice Professional”, designed by the National Restaurant Association. The Programs mission is to provide training opportunities in the field of cooking and baking with intension of increasing employment opportunities upon release. The program consists of cognitive procedures which assist the participants in skill development while the on the job training hours develop hands on experience for the participants. The BJCC Apprentice experience many topics of the food service industry from customer relations, to the safety of food handling, many food preparations, business math, controlling food cost and overall management of a food service environment. After required course work is completed and 6 months of hands on training each successful participant receives a certificate of completion affirming their accomplishments from the Careertech Skills Center.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
65.00 FC00115 Culinary Business & Management Principles View Course
65.00 FC00159 Safety, Sanitation and Tools View Course
135.00 FC00147 Basic Kitchen Skills/Safety and Sanitation View Course
120.00 FC00003 Culinary Basic Skills View Course
30.00 FC00109 Using Standardized Recipes View Course
200.00 FC00061 Basic Baking Skills View Course
70.00 FC00120 Food Service Equipment View Course
100.00 FC00066 Nutrition View Course
30.00 FC00122 Breakfast Foods View Course
40.00 FC00111 Working in a Restaurant View Course
85.00 FC00095 Garde Manger View Course
60.00 FC00004 Hospitality Business Management View Course
30.00 FC00180 Fruit and Vegetables View Course
100.00 FC00057 Cost Control & Revenue Management View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
ODCTE Skills Centers Alva Skills Center Culinary Arts Apprenticeship Program View Approved Career Major