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Family Matters

Birth Announcement:

4-17-2017 Congratulations on the arrival of Raegan Elizabeth Jean O'Dell who was born on April 11 to Travis & Kacie O’Dell. Travis is the Ag Teacher at Coweta.  Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

Sad News:

4-19-17 Please keep the DeVilbiss family in your thoughts and prayers for the passing of Linda DeVilbiss, Mac DeVilbiss's wife.  Mac taught at Yukon, and received the Outstanding Agricultural Education Teacher Hall Of Fame in 2010.  Our thoughts and prayers are with this family during this time.  Services will be held on Monday, April 17th at 10:00 am at Yanda Funeral Home, 1500 West Vandament Ave. in Yukon, Ok.

Thoughts and Prayers:

4-17-2017  Just wanted to let everyone know that we took Caytie daughter of Jason Couch (Instructor at Quapaw) to the ER Friday night in Joplin MO. After a few test they took her by ambulance to Springfield Mercy Kids hospital to run more test. She has rhinoenterovirus which is causing a fever and chills. The virus traveled to her mid brain causing interrupted messages in her mid brain. Her body is trying to kill the virus in her brain but is also attacking her brain cells. That is what is causing her eyes and balance problems. She is taking a steroid, antibacterial, and antiviral drug. She will have an ultrasound guided spinal tap and a MRI on her spine tomorrow Monday 4-17 and will see a neurologist. She had a MRI on her brain and eyes Saturday and also an unsuccessful spinal tap. You can get new updates on our Quapaw FFA Facebook page.  Jason Couch, Quapaw FFA, (918) 674-2501 Ext. 126.  

  • Update 4-19-2017:  Caytie update: She is doing much better this morning! She is able to eat soft foods and have small sips to drink. The results of the MRI and spinal tap showed lesions on her brain and thoracic section of her spine. She is still in the PICU and probably will be until she is released. The doctors say that if she doesn't get worse she will get to come home in a couple of days. She has a long road of healing ahead of her. She will need physical therapy to regain the motor skills she has lost and will continue steroids for a couple of weeks. This hospital (Springfield Mercy Kids) has been amazing and so has everyone in it! Thank you everyone for all of the prayers and thoughts! They have helped immensely! We appreciate each and everyone of you!





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