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New Teacher Information


2016-2017 New Teacher Workshop Series

First of all, congratulations and welcome!

The dates for the New Teacher Workshop series are listed below.  Keep in mind, attendance at all the New Teacher Workshops are a part of the certification process and mandatory for all new Agricultural Education teachers and for certain returning teachers.  Please share these dates with your administration so that they can plan for substitutes for the days that you will be attending these workshops.  Remind them that CareerTech program assistance money can be used to cover the costs of travel,  lodging if necessary, and a substitute if needed for your Professional Development.

Guy Shoulders--405-743-5488

New Teacher- July 25-26, 2016 Information packet.  Click here   




25, 2016



ODCTE, Stillwater

Tuttle Seminar Center

Orientation, Planning, Expectations, Classroom Management,
Fund Raising, Reports


23, 2016

8:30-4:30 Tuttle Seminar Center & Tuttle Conference Room
ODCTE, Stillwater
State Fair Educational Exhibits,CESI,
Salary & Teaching Schedule, Greenhand Quiz, Ceremonies Contest


13, 2016 or 26, 2016


Alexander Conference Room & Computer Lab
ODCTE, Stillwater


Register for Workshop

Click here

Proficiency Applications, AET, Degree Requirements, State and American Degrees


20, 2016

8:30-4:30 Tuttle Seminar Center
ODCTE, Stillwater
Career Passport, CDE's and Speech, Ag Science Fair


18, 2017


Tuttle Seminar Center
ODCTE, Stillwater


Summer Programs, Program Goals, Review 1st year, Officer Retreat/Banquet, CDE, National Chapter Application
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