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Brainbench Virtual Testing Center

CareerTech virtual testing site through Brainbench.

The CareerTech Virtual Testing Center is a tool to help our customers become part of the ever-changing employment market. With this tool our customers have access to industry certification tests through a third-party vendor, Brainbench.

More than 600 on-line tests are available to our CareerTech customers with immediate results e-mailed to the test taker.

The agency has a statewide agreement with Brainbench Test Center to allow students to access over 600 certification tests. Each school will work directly with Brainbench (CEB) on contract details and support.  The price per school is $1,000. Once the contract is purchased, they will work with you to establish an onsite contact/administrator to manage your account data. For specific information:  Abby McGraw  Email: Phone: 571.458.2166

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  • Industry Recognized Certification placing Brainbench Certified on their resumes
  • Instant grading of all tests and results are e-mailed directly to the test taker
  • Brainbench certificate 
  • Test and certify online
  • On-line portfolio of skills
  • All test takers and tests tracked with a real-time database
  • Report of strengths and weaknesses
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