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Technical Specifications & Troubleshooting

CareerTech Testing Center online testing is designed for Internet-accessible machines to have the least client system requirements possible.  Due to its interactive nature, CTTC requires the following:

  • PC users must use Internet Explorer 7 or above or Mozilla Firefox 3 or above.   For Mac users, Firefox 3.x .  No Safari and no Chrome is supported.
  • Active Scripting (JavaScript) enabled.
  • Cookies enabled. Note, CTTC uses cookies for session management only and are deleted when you the testing session ends.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption supported.
  • IT staff should ensure that the network security settings allow an unbroken connection to a website without activity for at least 90 minutes.  If your internet connection is lost during the assessment, a box will appear when the submit button is clicked letting you know that the connection has been lost.  If you can re-establish the connection, try to click on submit again to submit the assessment.

The CareerTech Testing Center also suggests the following network settings be checked before testing occurs:

  • Due to the fluctuating signal strength of a Wi-fi connection, it is highly recommended that you avoid using a Wi-fi connection for testing purposes.
  • Internet Traffic allowed on port 80
  • Firewall filters set to allow the following as trusted sites -
If student needs the font within an assessment larger, the steps for modifying the font size can be found in the following document -

If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, you may also need to set the three sites listed above as trusted sites for pop-up blockers.  The steps for modifying this setting can be found in the following documents:

If using Internet Explorer for running reports in the Enterprise Manager system, you will need to make the following adjustment to your security settings for Internet Explorer. The steps for adjusting the setting can be found in the following document:

If you are having issues seeing the entire Assessment Overview Report, please follow the steps below for your specific browser to allow you to print the entire report: