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Online Testing System

Important Info Notice

Important Information for the 2020-2021 School Year

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing a temporary, as-needed virtual option for proctoring competency certifications. This option will allow our test sites to provide competency testing via Zoom on a limited basis. We will continually monitor the situation and assess the viability of this option as we progress through FY20-21. Please understand that in-person proctoring is still the preferred method of testing and this temporary option should only be used on a limited basis. Please see the information below under the COVID-19 Temporary Testing section on the guidelines/procedures for using this option.

Please select the Resources page for important information about the testing liaison/proctor training and testing procedures.

System Access Information  

 Online Testing System access -

SFTP - click here

Test Results Request Form 

  • Please use this form for requesting results for tests administered prior to Oct. 7, 2019.
  • To obtain results after Oct. 7, 2019, log in to the student's dashboard and print.

COVID-19 Temporary Testing

For a testing site to use this option, you must complete a request form specifying the dates of use. If you need to extend the dates, a new request form will need to be completed. 

  • Each request is limited to a 30-day timeframe. You may make multiple request as needed. If students are on-site and can be tested while on-site, they should be and this option should not be used.
  • Each request will be reviewed and processed. Once you receive the approved copy back from CTTC, you can begin testing students via this method.
  • As per the process outlined on the request form, please send a list of students who will be tested using this method one (1) week prior to testing.
  • Proctoring students virtually does not change any of the other procedures related to submitting rosters for scheduling or the seven (7) day processing time for roster return.


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