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BMITE Job Openings

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2018-2019 High School Vacancies

Madill High School

Madill High School has an opening for a BITE instructor. If interested or have any questions, contact Gena Alexander, Madill Public Schools Payroll Clerk, 580.795.3303 or galexander@madillok.com.

Western Heights High School

Western Heights Public Schools has a current opening for a Business and Information Technology Instructor for the 2018-19 school year. 

Additional Information can be found at  http://www.westernheights.k12.ok.us/employment/ to complete the application process.   If you have any questions please contact the principal, Paul McQueen at 405.350.3435.

Duncan High School

Duncan High School has a current opening for a Marketing Instructor for the 2018-19 school year.

Additional information can be found at https://duncan.tedk12.com/hire/Index.aspx  or contact Kasey Brenneis in HR at 580.255.0686, Ext #108

2018-2019 Technology Center Vacancies

Please use the link to see current vacancies at technology centers across the state.

Employment Opportunities

Wes Watkins Technology Center

Wes Watkins Technology Center is accepting applications for Digital Media, Business Management and Administration, and Bookkeeping/Accounting Instructor position.  Please send any questions and/or résumés to the following:  Wade Walling, Superintendent, Wes Watkins Technology Center, 7892 Highway 9, Wetumka, OK 74883.  Email wwalling@wwtech.edu or phone 405.452.5568 Office, 405.452.5706 Fax, or 405.668.0701 Cell.

Indian Capital Technology Center

Indian Capital Technology Center is now accepting applications until the position is filled  for Business Information Technology Instructor (Stilwell Campus).  Please click link for vacancy announcement and job description.  For further information, please contact Campus Director Nick Carter at 918-696-3111 or nick.carter@ictctech.com.


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