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BMITE Curriculum

Curriculum Information

The course syllabi are located on ctYou (Moodle based LMS), the CareerTech online community, at https://ctyou.org. Login to many areas of ctYou are restricted to the Oklahoma CareerTech community. If you need access, contact the BMITE division for login instructions. Once you are a member of the Moodle community, you can login to ctYou, scroll to Course Categories, select BMITE, then select the BMITE Teacher Resources Course. This course is organized by topics. Select Curriculum.

Blank crosswalk documents have been developed for many of the courses as a tool to help determine if all competencies are being covered with the chosen curriculum/projects. These crosswalks can be downloaded from ctYou.org.  You will need to login and navigate to the BMITE Category, select BMITE Teacher Resources Course, select the curriculum topic and then select Crosswalks.

In addition to the course syllabi, the course competencies can be found on the Course Development Guides that have been created for each course on the Oklahoma Career Cluster website.

Sequences of Courses

Business Management and Administration


Information Technology


Comprehensive Schools

Course Descriptions and OCAS Subject Codes for FY17

Official Framework

CareerTech Big Data System (CTIMS)

Old Framework

Developed Courses

Several Course are available for copied to use as your own course to customize

You can request a copy or a guess access key by emailing Tonja.bell@careertech.ok.gov

Link to developed BMITE Courses

OCAS Codes--All CareerTech Codes

2017-18 OCAS Codes - BMITE (pdf)

2017-18 OCAS Codes Sorted by Title (pdf)

2017-18 OCAS Program Area- BMITE (pdf)

OCAS Codes for All CareerTech Courses

Oklahoma Promise (OHLAP) Links

High School Curricular Guidelines (OHLAP) - Scroll to bottom for CareerTech Courses

Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program

Information for High School Seniors

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