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Business, Marketing and Information Technology Education

Contact Us

Carrie DeMuth
State Program Administrator
405.743.5121 carrie.demuth@careertech.ok.gov

Mark Burch
State BPA Advisor
Program Specialist:  Finance Cluster Team Leader

Jack Hedrick
State DECA Advisor & State BPA Advisor
Program Specialist:  Marketing Cluster Team Leader
405.743.5473 jack.hedrick@careertech.ok.gov

Jaclyn Arnold
Program Specialist:  Business Management & Administration Cluster Team Leader
405.743.5419 jaclyn.arnold@careertech.ok.gov

Tonja Bell
Program Specialist:  Information Technology Cluster Team Leader
405.743.5426 tonja.bell@careertech.ok.gov

Janette Sagersa
Division Administrative Assistant
405.743.5119 janette.sagersa@careertech.ok.gov

Debbie Hamble
Student Organization Bookkeeper
405.743.5409 debbie.hamble@careertech.ok.gov

Cody Gervasi
Office Assistant


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