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BMITE Provisional Certification Information

Information regarding provisional certification for BMITE instructors.

Provisional Certification Information

T&I Provisional I or License for BITE

  1. Fill out and submit Form 8 Statement of Qualifications.
  2. Contact a university representative from OSU or UCO to develop a plan of study to meet the requirements for T&I Provisional or License.
  3. Fulfill requirements for T&I Provisional I and License, including:.
    • Applicant must have earned a high school diploma or passed the G.E.D.
    • Applicant must provide evidence of having three (3) years of appropriate experience with the five (5) years preceding initial certification in the field to be taught.
    • The issuance of this certificate must be requested by the employing superintendent.
  1. Obtain official copies of your college transcript.
  2. Effective November 1, 2001, Oklahoma law requires applicants for initial teacher licensure to have on file with the Oklahoma State Board of Education a current Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation criminal history record and Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint-based criminal history record. The law applies only to individuals applying for their first Oklahoma license. It does not apply to renewals. If you have questions concerning whether this law pertains to your eligibility for licensure, contact the Professional Standards Section at 405.521.3337, or Fingerprinting cards and instructions can be obtained from the State Department of Education.
  3. Submit all documents with appropriate payment (payment required is listed on the application for teacher certification made payable to the Oklahoma State Department of Education) to Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education, Business & IT Education Division, 1500 W 7th Ave, Stillwater, OK 74074. Or fax the form to Carrie DeMuth, 405.743.6809.
  4. A representative in the BITE division will review all documentation and forward to appropriate individuals for signature.

1st Year Requirements for Renewal of T&I Provisional I or License

  1. The applicant must complete the Career & Technology Education Orientation Training Program (New Teacher Academy).
  2. Must pass an appropriate occupational competency examination approved by the Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education.

Additional Requirements for Renewal of T&I Provisional I, II or License After Year 1

  1. Must satisfactorily complete no less than six (6) semester hours of credit toward standard certification including the basic Trade & Industrial Education Courses during the one-year term of validity.
  2. Continue to satisfactorily complete no less than six (6) semester hours of credit toward standard certification.
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