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Business Ed Career Tech Endorsement


The following is required to obtain the Career Tech endorsement:

  1. Oklahoma Teaching Certificate-Business Education
  2. Coursework at a higher education institution: History and Philosophy of Vocational and Technical Education-Three (3) semester hours.
  3. Coursework at a higher education institution: Instructional Management in the CareerTech Business Program-Three (3) semester hours.
  4. Coursework at a higher education institution: Three (3) semester hours of approved electives or 44 hours of seat-time training through an approved provider designed to strengthen the individual's competencies in technology (above computer applications) required in a CareerTech Business & Information Technology education program.  Transcripts or signed certificates of completion are required.
  5. One year work experience related to subject area, other than teaching experience.

Because of coursework substitutions, we are unable to make recommendations for the CareerTech Business Endorsement without evaluating the credentials of each candidate. If you are interested in having your credentials reviewed, please send a copy of your resume, all transcripts, and your current teaching certification to:

Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education
Business, Marketing & Information Technology Education
Attn: Carrie DeMuth, State Program Administrator
1500 W. Seventh Ave
Stillwater, OK 74074

*Note: The Business Education CareerTech Endorsement is not required to obtain a teaching position in a Business, Marketing, or IT Education CareerTech program. However, the endorsement is required to keep funding for the program.

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