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Broaden Your Child's Experience

Broaden Your Child's Experience
    • Talk to your child about what you do at your job, what you like, what is important for your job, what a typical day at work is like, etc. Describe jobs you have held and how school helped you in your career.
    • Point out examples of employees providing services and creating products in your community.
    • Make a game to see who can identify the most occupations when at the mall, in the car, or on a family outing.
    • Help children identify job skills in the chores they do around the house.
    • Help them explore the world of work through part-time, summer employment, or community volunteer work.
    • Encourage your child to take a challenging program of education, including academic/career technology subjects and extracurricular activities.
    • Help them explore their interests by job shadowing a person or family member in one or more occupations of interest. 
      Job Shadowing
    • Encourage participation in clubs or organizational groups that teach many leadership and social skills needed in today's world.
    • Broaden your child's interest in sports and hobbies to provide opportunities for teamwork.

Contact your child's school to gain access to Oklahoma online career information system - OK Career Guide.

You can access OK Career Guide from your home and set up a career portfolio for your child. From there you can go on to explore careers and educational opportunities with your child online. will be available to all Oklahomans on August 17, 2015.

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