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Career Expectations for Your Child

Encourage your children to follow their dreams, regardless of what society traditionally dictates.

    • Your support is doubly important when your children choose non-traditional occupations. A person’s gender should not matter. It is the ability and interest that count.
    • Studies show that today’s average worker will change occupations between 15 – 20 times.
    • Click here for report . . . How many jobs did [youngest baby boomer] people hold in a lifetime?
    • Career development is a lifelong process that involves progressing through stages. The stages include Career Awareness, Career Exploration, and Career Planning and Preparation, which build upon one another. 

      9 activities to help children understand careers 

    • The level of skills needed for the “three Rs” is much higher in today’s workplace.  The following skills are essential to success in the workplace.

    -Problem solving
    -Creative thinking 
    -Interpersonal Skills
    -Goal setting

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