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Plan for the Future

Help your child plan for the future by helping them create an individual career plan. Instill in your children a love of learning.
  • Research current trends in occupations through your children’s school career resource center or library, public library, newspapers, and magazines. Occupational Outlook Handbook http://www.bls.gov/oco/

  • Help your children develop an individual career plan (ICP). An ICP is a planned, coherent sequence of courses, 4-6 years in duration that leads to or supports a career pathway.  A pathway can lead to a skill certificate, two-year associate degree, four-year degree, the military, and apprenticeship, etc.

    Individual Career Plan 
    Select a career cluster. Career Cluster Assessment
  • Encourage your children to consider a variety of schooling options.
  • Can Students Get a Technology Center Education and Still Go to College?
  • Post-Secondary Education Options
    CareerTech  http://okcareertech.org
    Oklahoma Higher Education  http://okhighered.org
    Military Career Guide http://www.todaysmilitary.com/
  • Instill in your children a love of learning. In the workplace, workers need the ability to acquire new information and skills and apply them to their jobs.
  • Encourage your child to keep certificates and reports in a portfolio to show what skills have been mastered. Information can be entered and electronic copies can be uploaded into your students OKCareerGuide online Portfolio.
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