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OKCIS General Information

General Information about OKCIS

Occupations and Employment

Education and Training

Skills Assessment

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IDEAS: Interest Determination, Exploration and Assessment System

Peterson's Test Prep Add-on Packages

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Occupations and Employment

Industries:Describes the industries in Oklahoma, including information on employment and earnings, and provides related businesses and occupations.
Job Search:Gives the user helpful hints for organizing a job search and detailed information about job applications, resumes, interviews, and resources.
Keep that Job:Provides information on being successful on the job and dealing with tasks such as asking for a raise.
Military Employment: Describes military occupations and work life. Contains much more information in this area than previous products.
Occupations: Describes 512 occupations including skills and abilities, helpful high school subjects, recommended preparation, employment and wages in Oklahoma, and related references.
Self-Employment:Provides a discussion of the rewards and costs of self-employment, the
characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, and the essential aspects of business planning.


Apprenticeships: Describes the apprenticeship process and provides qualifications and contacts for specific apprenticeships available in Oklahoma .
Financial Aid :Identifies sources of financial aid for college and other post-secondary education, including national, state, and local scholarships. Each year state and local scholarships are updated.
Oklahoma Schools: Gives detailed information about all the technology centers, certified post-secondary schools, colleges, and universities in Oklahoma. Users can compare schools based on more than 60 topics and can use OKCIS to generate letters requesting information from the schools.
National Schools: Provides information on approximately 3,500 accredited public and private
colleges and universities throughout the United States offering programs at the associate degree level and above.
Programs of Study and Training: Describes the programs of study or majors offered in all types of post-secondary schools. It includes typical course work, related occupations, and schools in Oklahoma offering those programs.

Skills - Can be taken in English or Spanish

Skills is a powerful self-assessment tool that helps users identify interesting occupations, based on the skills individuals find satisfying to use. As an information tool, Skills helps the user identify new career options and supports career and educational planning. As an assessment tool, Skills compares the skills requirements of specific occupations with the user's preferred skills. This encourages skills development and realistic career decisions.
*Skills Sort to 72 transferable skills resulting in a list of occupations
*Occupations rated with Holland Codes
*Numerical rating of occupations clusters

*Top 30 highest-rated occupations

Other Resources

Career Clusters: Presents options to those who want to work in a field but need more information prior to selecting an occupation. This resource helps users find the relationship between school-based learning and occupations. Career Clusters list related occupations, their wage scales, necessary training, knowledge and skill sets, and outlook.
Career Education Activities:Provides more than 600 learning activities to integrate career education into any classroom.
User's Handbook: Provides an outline link to a PDF version of the handbook for use and duplication at sites.


Additional Exploration Tools

These tools facilitate career exploration, enhance the career development process, encourage preparation, and are available as add-on features for an additional fee.

IDEAS: Interest Determination, Exploration and Assessment System($110 per site)
IDEAS is a validated formal career assessment inventory, published by National Computer Systems (NCS). IDEAS measures occupational interest. Using IDEAS as an exploration tool, young people and can learn: which of their interests relate to high school courses and occupations; and which interest areas to explore. Individuals using IDEAS decide whether they like, dislike, or are indifferent to a set of 128 tasks drawn from the Career Assessment Inventory (CAI). After responding to all of the items at the computer, individuals receive a graphic profile showing how their interest pattern fits into 16 different occupational areas. In addition to the interest area profile, IDEAS links related information about personality type, courses, and occupations.

Peterson's Test Prep Add-on Packages:
ACT, SAT, GRE, ASVEB, TOEFL, CLEP, AP tests, Graduate Exams and Civil Service tests
Familiarize yourself with the exam, find out where to focus your study time, and build test-taking confidence with the full-length online practice exams. Each exam has full-length practice tests with detailed answers to every question. Each test can be taken at once or saved and taken as time allows.


Computer with Internet Access and an Internet Browser

To use Peterson's Test Prep - the computer must be connected to a high speed Internet connection

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