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Career and Academic Connections - Staff Functions

We provide products, professional development, technical assistance and leadership for career and academic development.

Career and Academic Connections Manager

Kelly Arrington Kelly Arrington (405) 743-5159 email: 

Kelly coordinates career guidance programs in Oklahoma technology centers and plans and assists staff in implementing statewide career guidance and advisement system direction.
Contact for information regarding:

  • Guidance state and federal legislation issues
  • Technology center career guidance and advisement program issues
  • Technology center guidance accreditation/evaluation
  • OkACTE Guidance division
  • Guidance grants
  • National career development strategies
  • ODCTE CAC division staff
  • Career guidance professional development (conferences, workshops, etc.)
  • Public school career guidance programs

Administrative Assistant

 Cynthia Vick (405) 743-5162 email:

Cynthia provides technical assistance and support to all Career and Academic Connections staff.

Contact for information regarding:

  • Technology center personnel information
  • OkACTE Guidance division information
  • Summer Conference information and other events
  • Standard guidance/career Information products
  • Registration for conferences and workshops

OK Career Guide Coordinator

 Erica Harris 405-743-5164 email:

This position provides career development support & resources to Oklahomans. Serves as the OK Career Guide Coordinator: responsible for development and implementation of OK Career Guide.
Coordinates statewide training for schools.

This position supports statewide Career Development initiatives by providing:

  • Development, training & support of OK Career Guide
  • Assist with strategies for effective career development in your school or organization
  • Bi-monthly  newsletter "It's Elementary, Dear Counselor"
  • Assist schools with career development programs and measuring student impact

Academic Coordinator

 Tommi Leach (405) 743-5524 email:

Tommi provides consultation, and leadership in working with academic/career advisement and plan of study development with middle school, high school, and tech center/postsecondary guidance systems, in addition to transcripting and course code information.

Contact for information regarding:

  • Best practices in use of data for student advisement
  • Guidance strategies using Plans of Study with career clusters and pathways
  • Technology center guidance evaluation
  • Academic/career advisement strategies for students, counselors, teachers and parents
  • Career Advisor— e-newsletter for high school and middle school counselors
  • E-transcript exchange
  • Academic/graduation requirements
  • Transcripting and course codes

Disability Services Specialist

sharon baker 125  Sharon Baker 405-743-5596

Contact for information regarding:

  • IEP and transition services related to CTE
  • Section 504, ADA or IDEA-B issues
  • Strategies for effectively including special population students in CTE
  • OkACTE ESSP Division
  • Non-traditional strategies/diversity
  • Inter-agency issues for special populations
  • Special Needs Conference Planning
  • Technology center integrated academic accreditation/evaluation
  • Academic and career support for transition to college

Workforce Development Liaison

 Susan Kuzmic 405-717- 4923 email:

Susan Kuzmic is the Workforce Development Liaison in Career and Academic Connections. She will liaison with business and industry on workforce issues and serves as the primary point on the new Connect 2 Business component and work closely with the OK Career Guide Coordinator.

Contact for information regarding:

  • Business Invitations for Connect to Business (C2B)
  • Liaison for business and Industry with education

High Schools & Tech Centers That Work Coordinator

 Twila Green 405.643.5511 email:

High Schools That Work provides that framework through Key Educational Practices for accelerating learning and setting higher standards. Oklahoma is a member of the Southern Regional Education Board's (SREB) network of 32 states in the HSTW program. Administrators, school leaders and teachers work as partners with students, parents and the community to improve the way they prepare students for work and post-secondary education.

  • Technical assistance for school improvement
  • Support for education innovation and improvement
  • Strategies for implementing career pathways and plans of study
  • Assistance for location resources/materials

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