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Online Teaching Resources

COVID-19 Resources for administrators, teachers, counselors and parents. The Career and Academic Connections team is dedicated to helping educators as they work through the challenges unfolding from the COVID-19 outbreak. During this time of uncertainty, we are here to help share ideas, information and resources to continue to deliver teaching and learning for all learners. Although this work is not being graded,the intent is to provide student with a more robust learning experience as we work together during this national crisis. Updated: September 01, 2020


COVID-19 Instructional Resources

As a helpful resource, we have gathered together links to instructional resources that may be helpful to you during the unfolding COVID-19 situation.

Bridge the Gap Digital Wallet

Giving 5,000 low-income Oklahoma families $1,500 to purchase curriculum content and/or technology.

Behind on your rent? Worried about being evicted?

Community CARES Partners, a public-private resource center, has received funding from the State of Oklahoma to help its residents pay their rent.

Get Rent Relief Now Information!

State Eviction Prevention Program - FAQ

State Eviction Prevention Program  (Spanish)- FAQ



Hofmeister announces grant award of 50,000 Verizon mobile internet connections and devices to bridge digital divide 

OKLAHOMA CITY (July 31, 2020) – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister today announced that 175 Oklahoma school districts have been awarded mobile internet access and devices through 50,000 Verizon Unlimited 4GE data plans and Jetpacks, following a competitive grant process. The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) grants leveraged a portion of the agency’s set-aside monies from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund created by the federal Coronavirus Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act to help ensure all students have connectivity to access online learning if community spread of COVID-19 requires districts to use distance or hybrid learning models. Full details click here

Hofmeister invests in online tool to mitigate
learning loss at no costs to schools

Exact Path Now Available for Oklahoma Schools

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is providing free access to Exact Path for the 2020-21 school year. Schools and districts can immediately take advantage of using this award-winning program with their students. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister announced Tuesday that an online tool is being offered to all Oklahoma school districts for free to help students catch up after potential learning loss because of COVID-19. Exact Path creates a personalized learning plan that aligns with the Oklahoma Academic Standards and features intuitive training for teachers.



State Department of Education releases
school reopening framework 

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 3, 2020) – The Oklahoma State Department of Education has published a framework for Oklahoma school districts as they plan for the 2020-21 school year. Return to Learn Oklahoma: A Framework for Reopening Schools includes a host of considerations for how districts can plan for a variety of contingencies that may impact the upcoming school year amid continued incidence of COVID-19


Ensuring the Class of 2020 is on track to graduate is an important priority. Districts should review the status of each senior to determine the extent to which students have met graduation requirements. It is important to understand individual student needs and have, to the extent possible, a plan to help each student complete these requirements during the remainder of the school year. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of state graduation requirements and a brief summary of local authority around this issue. CLICK HERE


The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) College & Career Readiness Division, located in the Office of Student Support, is committed to keeping educators and families informed of updates necessitated by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. This college and career readiness resource is designed to guide educators and families as they help students remain engaged in college and career readiness activities during the current school year and into the next.  Click Here

Oklahoma Resources for Distance Learning

Prioritizing the safety and health of the school community, the State Board of Education has suspended all in-school activities for the remainder of the school year in order to contain community spread of COVID-19. Beginning April 6, 2020, districts and schools are to establish distance delivery methods for learning until the end of the school year.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Counseling Resources

USDE approves Oklahoma waivers granting schools flexibility with current federal funds

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 7, 2020) – The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) has granted preliminary approval of Oklahoma waivers allowing public school districts greater flexibility in the spending of existing federal funds. .                                          

Continuous Learning Resources for ELs

English Language Proficiency Assessments 

Math Teachers' Circle Network Virtual Workshop

July 13th - 17th, 2020
Pre-Register Here

Math Teachers’ Circles are professional communities of K-12 mathematics teachers and mathematicians. Groups meet regularly to work on rich mathematics problems, allowing teachers to enrich their knowledge and experience of math, while building meaningful partnerships with other teachers and mathematicians.

The Math Teachers’ Circle Network organizes Math Teachers’ Circles around the country and provides support and resources to new and established Circles. There are currently 125 Math Teachers’ Circles and six regional MTC networks across the U.S. Find a Circle in your area, or learn how to start a new Circle.

Creating Online Learning Experiences


This book provides an updated look at issues that comprise the online learning experience creation process. As online learning evolves, the lines and distinctions between various classifications of courses has blurred and often vanished. Classic elements of instructional design remain relevant at the same time that newer concepts of learning experience are growing in importance

Today's Class

Given the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering FREE ACCESS to all program areas. Click the button below to begin getting your instructors and students enrolled.

Taking career training to the next level

Results-driven learning system that develops skills and drives company success.


Get funding for your license

Congress reauthorized the Carl D.Perkins Career & Technical Education Act, providing $1.2 billion in funding to states to support CTE programs. Your Today’s Class License can be covered with this grant. Contact us for more information on how to get covered.

Support For Students With Disabilities

Explaining the Latest IDEA COVID-19 Guidelines


MARCH 2020

Many educators have concerns regarding support for students with disabilities in light of COVID-19 school closures and the transition to remote learning. On March 21, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) released new supplemental guidance to help address some of these issues. This builds on the initial questions and answers distributed on March 12.

Accessible Work-From-Home Tools for Remote Work during the Coronavirus Pandemic

FERPA and Virtual Learning during COVID-19

Oklahoma ABLE Tech provides answers to assistive technology questions

Oklahoma State Department of Education - Special Education Services- Distance Learning for Special Education Students

Webinar: COVID-19 Considerations for Special Education Administrators of Special Education    

Zoom accessibility

  1.  Zoom accessibility tips from Oklahoma ABLE Tech
  2. Zoom tips specifically for those who are Deaf and hard of hearing from the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
  3. View closed captions if they are in use in ZOOM meeting:  

Distance Learning for Special Education Students

.The Oklahoma State Department of Education, Special Education Services (OSDE-SES) is committed to providing guidance and support in order to promote excellence in education from infancy to adulthood for children with disabilities as outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA).

This mission is accomplished by disseminating information to families, schools, communities, and agencies through meaningful resources, fostering collaborative partnerships and providing timely and accurate technical assistance

OSU to launch free concurrent online courses for state’s high school seniors

Cowboy Concurrent Online is the first of its kind from afour-year public university in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma State University will launch the state’s first free online concurrent enrollment program for Oklahoma high school seniors from a four-year public university beginning this fall.

Concurrent enrollment occurs when high school students take college classes before completing high school.

Cowboy Concurrent Online general education courses will be offered in six subject areas: American Government, American History, English Composition, Mathematics, Introductory Psychology, and Media in a Diverse Society. Classes will be limited to 35 students or less which will provide a level of support and quality instruction by a four-year public university to prepare students for rigorous coursework in their future degree programs.

To learn more about Cowboy Concurrent Online, visit

Coronavirus and COVID-19 have caused many changes in daily life. Children may be confused, worried, or scared. Parents and caregivers often don’t know what to say or how much to tell their children.

More Information click here

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance 

Online Interactive Training for Oklahoma Teachers 


  1.  Visit
  2.  Log in or create a new account.
  3.  When choosing your institution, please type in your school name. If not listed, please type Other.
  4.  Choose the desired simulation from carousel.
  5. This training opportunity is offered by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (Prevention Division) with support from federal grant number 1U79SM061736-01, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. There is no fee for participation.

AP Coronavirus Updates


Please read the email below very carefully. There are links to important documents regarding the May 2020 AP Exam administration – including the 2020 AP Testing Guide. Many of the details for the exam administration are included in this document. There is also information about the AP Exam Demo, webinars, information on the World Language exams, and survey for device support for the AP World Languages Exam App. 

Take some time to become familiar with the information, tools, and resources, and thank you for all that you are doing to support your students.

Dear Colleague,

Additional information is now available to help guide you and your students through the exam day experience.

New Resources


2020 AP Testing Guide (.pdf/10.9 MB): The guide, designed for educators to walk their students through test day, provides information about:


◦The AP Exam e-ticket

◦Five steps to take before test day

◦Understanding the test day experience

◦Exam scores, credit, and placement


  • 2020 AP Exam Day Checklist (.pdf/526 KB): Teachers should have their students complete this checklist for each exam they take and keep it next to them while testing.
  • Explainer Videos: New videos are available to give students quick, easily accessible information about their test day experience, what they need to do to prepare, exam security, and more. Explore the playlist

Other Reminders


  • AP Exam Demo (available May 4): AP students should use the clickable exam demo to practice the different ways to submit their exam responses. The demo will help students confirm that their testing device will be able to access and run the online exam. If they can’t access the demo, the final slide of the Testing Guide can help them troubleshoot. The sample content in the demo will be the same for all users and isn't a practice exam. We’ll send educators and students an email to remind them when the demo is available. Please encourage your students to take this important preparation step.  
  • Educator Webinars: Trevor Packer, the head of the AP Program, will walk participants through the 2020 AP Testing Guide. AP staff will answer questions during the presentation. This series of webinars includes: 


Online AP Classes and Review Sessions prep week: The week before exams, online AP classes will focus on the exam day experience and sample exam questions.


Student Outreach: If any of your students are having difficulty receiving College Board emails, walk them through the steps on the "Confirm your email address" page.


Information for AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish Language and Culture Exams:


The above exams will be administered using a new dedicated app, the AP World Languages Exam App. Students taking these exams must use this app on smartphones or tablets. This free app will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store the week of May 11. We’ll email students and their teachers to let them know when the app is available to download. Visit our site for more details.


  • A video walk-through of the test-taking experience will be available the week of May 4.  
  • Details on accommodations for the above exams are also now available.  

If your students are unsure about accessing the app, or if they don’t have a device, they can fill out this survey (or you can complete it on their behalf) as soon as possible so we can help support them (applicable to U.S. and U.S. territories).


Information for AP Music Theory Exams:


  • Before exam day, students will need to print or hand copy the 2020 Music Theory Answer Sheet and gain access to an audio recording app or software before exam day. Please see more information on the website.

 Thank you for all that you’re doing for your students.


Advanced Placement Program



AP Updates

As schools and communities navigate the unprecedented challenges posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the health and safety of educators and students are the AP Program’s top priorities. Here’s how we’re supporting schools:

For the 2019–20 exam administration only, students can take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home. Educator-led development committees are currently selecting the exam questions that will be administered. The full exam schedule specific free-response question types that will be on each AP Exam, and additional testing detail will be available by April 3. Any student already registered for an exam can choose to cancel at no charge.

Beginning on Wednesday, March 25, students and teachers can attend free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country.

These mobile-friendly classes are:

  • Designed to be used alongside work that may be given by schools.
  • Will be recorded and available on-demand so teachers and students can access them any time.
  • Not dependent on current AP teachers continuing instruction. We know many AP teachers now face challenges that would make that impossible.
  • Will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course. There will also be some supplementary lessons including topics from the final 25% of the course.

Don’t Have Internet or a Device for AP Classes and Exams?

We want to help. Complete this form if you don’t have the technology you need to access online AP courses and exams.

Waiver for State Testing for School Year 2019-20

School Report Card Information

What about ACT Testing (national and statewide)?Waiver for State Testing for School Year 2019-20

ACT National Test Dates:

SAT National Test Dates:

What about Financial Aid?

The most important source of information regarding Financial Aid will be the Financial Aid Office at your post-secondary institution.
For CareerTech students, an FAQ can be found at this link CareerTech Financial Aid Guidance

Oklahoma  College Assistance Program


 The Oklahoma College Assistance Program would like to share with you the many FREE services and online resources we offer to help you through distance learning. Please view some of the tools below that we have to help you and your students.

 If you have questions or need assistance, please find our Outreach Team contact info on the website. OCAP is here to help!

Oklahoma’s Promise

High School Teachers/Counselors

Exception for GPA Calculation of Pass/Fail Grades for Spring 2020 Semester

The following guidance related to Pass/Fail grades for the 2020 spring semester has now been posted on the OKPromise website at

For the spring 2020 semester, high school or concurrent courses that apply to the Oklahoma’s Promise high school core curriculum requirements that are assigned a grade of “pass” (or its equivalent) will not be included in the grade point average (GPA) calculation for the core curriculum. While the course grade will not be included in the calculation of the core curriculum GPA, the course will count toward the required units for the core curriculum as appropriate. 

STEM -Digital Learning Resources

STEM web banner.png

Click here for Coronavirus Resources

We are working to provide resources to help you move to digital learning for the remainder of the school year. We have a full section dedicated to resources divided by subject area using a table of contents in our STEM Teacher Resource room for resources by subjects use the table of contents on the right to find a subject. Enrollment Key: STEM2018

Trade & Industrial Education COVID-19 Resources:

  Trade and Industry web banner.png



SkillsUSA is the co-curricular student organization affiliated with Trade & Industrial Education. A link to other CTSO's.


Virtual Workshop
May 29, 2020
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

Register Now

With up to a third of children struggling with anxiety in this country, overwhelmed adults need a new approach and practical, easy-to-implement strategies to help children cope with their anxiety. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyday life is so heavily impacted, levels of anxiety in children and teens are likely even higher and the risk for trauma greater. 

Through the use of case studies, humorous stories, and examples of everyday challenging situations, participants will learn easy to implement preventive tools, strategies and interventions for reducing anxiety and increasing self-regulation, accurate thinking, and self-monitoring in students.  Virtual classroom and traditional classroom examples will be shared.

Jessica Minahan, MEd, BCBA

CTE Resources Virtual labs, simulations and interactive learning objects

As classrooms around the country move online due to school closures caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, STEM and Career and Technical Education teachers need to be able to offer hands-on learning experiences in a virtual format. Below is a list of resources compiled by various organizations, including the Technical College System of Georgia, the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) and SREB staff.  This list includes virtual labs, simulations and interactive learning objects that allow STEM and CTE students to engage with and explore the world of science and technology in an online setting.

Workshops and Webinars

The SREB Go Alliance annual workshop series helps college access professionals improve student outreach programs and communications campaigns that to encourage first-in-the-family students to plan for, apply to and succeed in college.

Workshops and webinars are free and open to everyone.

Success at Home

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic Kuder, Inc. is offering downloadable lesson plans, webinars, system access and more. We've go what you need to keep students leaning outside of the classroom.



Career Workforce Readiness

Career Hacks for Workforce Readiness

Success in one’s career depends on much more than just earning good grades in school. Help increase learners’ workforce readiness by building strengths in key interpersonal skills, such as problem solving, leadership, communication, teamwork and collaboration, and critical thinking, using this collection of resources produced by WGBH. The resources can be used to engage learners with media and prompt rich discussion in the classroom and other educational settings.

Job Genius

Mapping out a career path, finding job openings, then landing a quality job can be an overwhelming process. From our experience of putting over a half a million people to work each year, Express has crafted Job Genius, an educational program designed to teach young adults how to successfully enter the workforce.

Free Online Learning Resources For Schools Affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19

Tech & Learning editors curate hundreds of free elearning resources for schools worldwide, especially those affected by coronavirus/COVID-19 closures.



Agriculture Teacher Resources for Online Teaching

As schools shift to an online method of teaching during the COVID-19 changes, the UF/IFAS Department of Agricultural Education and Communication wanted to provide resources for agriculture teachers who want support in creating variation in their online lessons.

Resources will be updated each weekday morning as they become available.

Cattlemen’s College Online Campus

The Cattlemen's College Online Campus is a portal of on-line learning opportunities for those interested in beef product promotion, research, information and related activities financed by the beef checkoff and similar market development investments. The portal contains live recordings of a wide-variety of sessions that were originally held in-person, such as conference sessions or workshops; on-line webinars; or prerecorded presentations. 

Limited Time Only – Cattlemen’s College Online Campus access is FREE. Visit and set up an account – free access will be available by clicking the “Special Offers” tab

Additionally, there are a variety of webinars available here from past Cattlemen webinar series. 

Beef Quality Assurance For Producers

These courses teach methods for raising cattle in accordance with Beef Quality Assurance fundamentals. Topics involve cattle health, stockmanship, marketing, emergency planning, and meat quality. With three classes available, you can choose one that relates to your operation.  Testing is involved. 

Built for this Moment

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we recognize the deployment of our digital education is more critical than ever.

EVERFI’s focus since our founding has been to provide critical resources to students and learners across the world at scale in any location and at any time. With help from our incredible customers, we are proud to give direct access for K-12 parents and teachers to our library of 20+ digital courses at no cost.

For K-12 Educators:

                                                            For Parents:



ACT is Providing Free Digital Learning Resources for Students and the Workforce Impacted by COVID-19
ACT capabilities assist students across the learning lifecycle and workers facing workplace disruptions during unprecedented times

The free ACT resources are part of ACT’s commitment to serving community needs during this challenging time. The resources are adaptable for use in the home, through online learning and in workforce settings. 

The worlds finest multi-media training program for the Culinary Arts

64 modules covering four academic years of content. Ideal for secondary, post-secondary, adult education, and on-the-job training.

Special note for the COVID-19 emergency

KP will offer free access to our online curriculum through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. We have helped over 1000 teachers transition to teaching online with zero training in the first week! is free until the end of the academic year for culinary instructors.

Free Food Safety and Career Development Training and Resources

For 30 years, ServSafe has been at the forefront of preparing restaurant and foodservice workers to deliver safe dining experiences for their guests, while also keeping themselves safe. Every day, we train the restaurant and food service industry on topics like cooking temperatures, safe storage, and cross contamination, as well as hygiene, sanitation, and other risk mitigation activities. Because of the challenges presented by COVID-19, we have developed a number of free resources aimed at keeping our workers and the dining public safe.

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