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Education Grants!

Each and every year billions of dollars are awarded to schools, teachers and organizations!

New Carl Perkins Innovation Supplemental Grants

Things to know:

1.       All grants will be on a two-year award cycle to match the Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment timeline.  To be eligible for awards recipients will be required to complete and submit their Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment.

2.       Grant recipients will have to show progress towards goal completion by the end of the first year of funding to receive 2nd year funding.  These Benchmarks will be developed in collaboration with the Program area innovative grant leads and the recipients.

 There will be 6 Innovation Grant initiatives that all eligible recipients can apply for:

1.       Career Development and Programs of Study

2.       Career Pathways, Workforce, and Industry Partnerships:

3.       Supporting CTE Special Populations

4.       High Growth and Emerging Technologies

5.       Innovation in Career Exploration

6.       Innovative Strategies to Recruit and Retain CTE Instructors.


Eligibility Requirements:

Perkins LEAs or consortia meeting the $15,000 requirement, technology centers, or technology center coops, and postsecondary institutions or consortia meeting the $50,000 requirement are eligible to complete the innovation grant applications.  Successful completion of the Local Application for Perkins Funding, or completion of the Comprehensive local needs assessment are required.

Overview of Grant initiatives:

Career Development and Programs of Study:

Career development is an educational program designed to assure individuals know how to make career choices and create full Carl Perkins Programs of Study individual career plans to prepare themselves for those careers.  The program ensures individuals make informed career decisions based on facts.  Career development, based upon the tenet that individuals who have career maturity make better career choices and have a better sense of the education plans needed to reach their career goals, including entrepreneurship.  Career maturity is when an individual has personal insight into the process of and readiness for making career choices.  It is NOT the process of choosing a specific career or job.  Career Development programs assist students in defining career pathways that prepare them for high-wage, high-skill, and in-demand occupations. (Up to $50,000.00 year 1, Up to $50,000.00 year 2)

Career Pathways, Workforce and Industry Partnerships:

In an ongoing effort to support Career Pathways, Workforce, and Industry Partnerships the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education supports the development of new innovative and the enhancement of existing Career Pathways in high-skill, in-demand, or high wage occupations.  Career Pathways and corresponding Programs of Study should support local, state, and global industries in meeting workforce needs while embracing rigorous academic and technical education. (Up to $50,000.00 year 1, Up to $25,000.00 year 2)

 Supporting CTE Special Populations:

Many times special population students do not receive the extra support needed for success in the classroom as well as a successful transition to a technology center, postsecondary education/training, and/or employment.  This grant can be used to help support Oklahoma career and technology education students who belong to a special population to explore career options and for transition support into postsecondary education/training levels as well as employment.

Special Populations are defined in the Perkins V legislation as those students who fit any of the following categories; Individuals with Disabilities, Individuals from Economically Disadvantaged Families, Individuals Preparing for Non-Traditional Fields, Single Parents, Including Single Pregnant Women, Out Of Workforce Individuals, English Learners, Homeless Individuals, Youth In or Aged Out of Foster Care System, and Youth with a Parent who is a member of the Armed Forces and on Active Duty.

This grant can help schools implement transition programs and/or other support strategies to assist in the provision of transferable skill sets to students regarding the attainment of meaningful employment and becoming productive members of society. (Up to $50,000.00 year 1, Up to $50,000.00 year 2)

 High Growth and Emerging Technologies:

The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education supports the development and implementation of innovative high-tech, high-wage CareerTech Academies, State Programs and sequence of courses that align with local, state, and global industry and emerging workforce needs.  The grant proposal should embrace rigorous academic and technical learning activities. (Up to $50,000.00 year 1, Up to $50,000.00 year 2)

Innovation in Career Exploration:

Oklahoma Career and Technology Education (ODCTE) supports innovative school improvement efforts to develop middle school STEM exploratory programs that lead to increasing academic rigor and student achievement.  STEM curriculum should provide project-based learning for the full range of students in grades seven and eight classrooms as well as career awareness and exploration activities for students in grades five, and six. (Up to $50,000.00 year 1, Up to $25,000.00 year 2)

 Innovative Strategies to Recruit and Retain CTE Instructors:

In an ongoing effort to support the recruitment and retention of CTE teachers the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education supports the development of new innovative strategies and the enhancement of existing strategies to recruit and retain Oklahoma’s CTE instructors.  The strategies developed with these funds should support a culture of continuous improvement that engages the whole school community in continuously using data to identify problems and develop plans to solve them. A tool like strong school culture is important to the recruitment and retention CTE instructors in areas that meet local and state workforce needs while embracing innovative methods to support CTE instructors through rigorous professional development, continuing education, among other strategies. (Up to $20,000.00 year 1, Up to $15,000.00 year 2)

Education Grants 2019-20 Deadlines

This document contains deadlines for grants for Education for the 2019-2020 school year.  The grants are listed by the dates they are due.  There is also a section of grants that are ongoing and always open for application.  

Access Grants Here

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