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Counseling and Career Guidance Resources

Career Curriculum
Interpreting Assessment
Guidelines for Using Assessment for Program Placement

Learning Styles

Canfield's Learning Styles Inventory
Online Learning Styles Questionnaires
Career Clusters Interest Survey
Career Clusters Interest Survey (SPANISH)

Online programs used for remediation

Career Planning

Free Downloads

124andmoreflyer  What’s Next for Your Success (1, 2, 4+)  - Use this document as a flyer to hand out or a poster to display in the classroom, encouraging students to think of 1-, 2-or 4-year goals to a career. It also lists all 16 Career Clusters and six Career Fields.
1, 2, 4 or More - flyer

Career Cluster Crosswalk with ACT World of Work map


    Steps for Preparing to Attend an Oklahoma Technology Center - This flyer/poster lists the steps students should take if they want to enroll in a Technology Center.
Steps for Preparing to Attend an Oklahoma Technology Center

Student Career Development Checklist (PDF)Activities students should attempt to complete each year, starting in 7th grade, to ensure they are prepared for further education and a career. Student Career Development Checklist (PDF)

Check out programs in our Technology Centers

CareerTech Delivers brochures 

Career Programs Guide - (Download PDF file of Career Programs Brochure)

Counselor Related Websites


These rubrics were designed to help show what a successful student services system would look like in a technology center. Use these rubrics to benchmark your current services and to identify areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement

Standards and Guidelines

                                                                       Guidance Team Self Study Reports

 2017-18 Guidance Team Self Study (GTSS) Report

2016-17 Guidance Team Self Study (GTSS) Report 

2015-16 Guidance Team Self Study (GTSS) Report

Blank Guidance Team Self Study

GTSS Crosswalk with FY18 CT Accreditation  Guidelines

Academic Team Self Study
Blank Academic Team Self Study 
Academic Team Self-Study Crosswalk 
Counselor Evaluation Rubric   
Counselor Observation Form 
Technology Center Counselor - Functions and Qualifications 
National Career Development Guidelines - Framework

Teachers and Advisors

Teachers as Advisors


Best Practices



Counselor Resources

Tornado Counseling Video
Kelly Arrington and Tommi Leach presenters

Helping Children Recover After a Tornado – Resources for Teachers and Families.


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