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Tommi's Career Advisor Newsletter

A monthly newsletter for counselors and career advisors.


Guiding students...together

Picture of Tommi Leach

My name is Tommi Leach and I am the Academic Coordinator with the Department of Career and Technology Education in Stillwater, Okla. For 17 years, I was a high school counselor and I understand the workload, frustrations and joys of being a school counselor. What I bring to my job at CareerTech is this understanding along with a desire to increase the communication and cooperation between schools and their district technology centers. This monthly newsletter is a start. If you are not receiving my monthly email, send me an email below and I'll add your email address. I hope the information you find here is helpful and I would love to hear from you. 
                                    Here’s to the beginning of a great partnership… Tommi

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