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The Comprehensive Guidance Program is designed to assist school counselors in strengthening their current program or in designing a new one. School counselors have important roles and responsibilities in the school and community to assist students with their personal, career, and educational development.

Seamless Transitions - Career Awareness (Grades K-6) (PDF) helps students understand the role of work, one's own uniqueness, and basic knowledge about career clusters or groups of different occupations.

Seamless Transitions - Career Exploration (Grades 7 - 8) (PDF) helps students discover their individual interests, abilities, values, and needs by exploring jobs and how they fit into the world of work. These activities help students become knowledgeable about career expectations.

Seamless Transitions - Career Preparation and Application Grades 9-14+ (PDF) format Application (Grades 9 - 14+) helps students acquire specific preparation, including the development of occupationally specific skills, the application of academic theory in real situations, and the mastery of the workplace basics. Preparation for the transition to additional education, or the workplace, or both is essential in this stage.

Seamless Transitions- Six-Year Individual Career Plan (PDF) A six-year Individual Career Plan is a planned, coherent sequence of courses, four to six years in duration, leading to or supporting a career pathway for a specific student. The Individual Career Plan guides students to necessary information and appropriate academics for successful career decisions.

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