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Remediation Frequently Asked Questions

Students must score below proficient on an EOI before school districts will be reimbursed for remediation.

  • Who gets the funding for remediation?
    Remediation funding goes to the sending high school, not the technology center.
  • Who can remediate? Must the teacher be highly qualified?
    Remediation must be provided under the supervision of a subject certified, highly qualified teacher in the subject being taught.

  • Will students get credit for remediation?
    No. Remember there is a difference between remediation and courses for credit.
  • Who arranges for students to retake the EOI or an alternative test?
    Contact the student's sending high school as soon as remediation is complete. Students must retake the EOI through the sending high school.
  • Can the technology centers offer the EOI?
    The technology center cannot administer the EOI, but you can offer your facilities to the school district. If the EOI is offered using the technology center facilities, an EOI administrator must be present. Each school will also need to enter their student into the system, start their EOI and then exit them from the system.
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