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When a school wants to join HSTW, it agrees to become a part of the state and SREB network. Oklahoma has 22 High Schools That Work sites and 15 Technology Centers That Work sites. Active HSTW sites follow requirements established by SREB, Oklahoma and other member states. The network is dedicated to getting at least 85 percent of career-bound high school students to complete a challenging program of study and to reach or exceed the HSTW performance goals in reading, mathematics and science. The intent is to prepare students for productive careers and further learning.

High Schools That Work offers a proven framework of goals and key educational practices for raising student achievement. All HSTW sites commit to steady growth on the HSTW Benchmarks to raise student achievement. Also, HSTW sites agree to participate in the HSTW Assessment, staff development, technical assistance visits, and reporting and networking activities.
The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (ODCTE) and the ISS staff partner to deliver HSTW sites services, and to encourage policy-makers to enact needed legislation. Sites sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ODCTE and agree to assume certain responsibilities and meet expectations associated with developing, maintaining and implementing a site action plan for raising student achievement.

How does a school in a High Schools That Work state become a HSTW site?

Option 1:

Any Oklahoma high school is encouraged to participate as a part of the Oklahoma HSTW network.

To succeed in fully implementing HSTW as a school improvement model requires commitment. ODCTE will provide interested sites, without funding, technical assistance and connectivity to actively participate. School leaders, staff, administrators, and community members may participate with the Oklahoma HSTW network to implement the HSTW model by:

  1. Reading and studying the HSTW site guides describing the model,
  2. Visiting state sites that are implementing the HSTW model,
  3. Sending staff to SREB and state professional development sessions,
  4. Collecting, using, and sharing school-based and assessment data to drive improved changes,
  5. Assessing senior students using the HSTW Assessment, on even years, if so desired.
  6. Complete the "future" on-line application to become an active HSTW site.

Option 2

Join the network created by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.

Oklahoma uses the “Request for Proposal” (RFP) process when funds become available. All Oklahoma comprehensive high schools that offer CareerTech programs and are active members of a Tech Prep consortium are eligible for participation. Superintendents of prospective sites receive notification of the RFP. Sites interested submit an application by an established deadline. Obtaining district board of education resolution to adopt the model along with a majority approval by the school’s staff to adopt the High Schools That Work school-improvement model is recommended.

School leaders who want to discuss participation in HSTW should contact Twila Green, State HSTW state coordinator, at (405) 743-5431 or e-mail her at: tgree@okcareertech.org

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