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OK Career Guide Training Opportunities

Register for your training opportunities listed below:

OK Career Guide for Workforce Professionals

This training is designed to help the workforce professional see the ease and benefit of using and promoting OK Career Guide with all Oklahoma adults. Whether you are working with someone returning to school, the workforce or individuals looking to enhance their abilities or prepare for a career move, OK Career Guide is a tool customized to their individual unique career development needs. This training will focus on building resumes, e-Profile, Connect to Business and other job search tools.

Can't attend any hands-on training? These pre-recorded webinars hosted by the Kuder College and Career Planning System Training Team can be viewed at your convenience.

On-Demand Pre-recorded Webinars:

OK Career Guide (Kuder Navigator) for High School Students
by Kuder Field Training (Length -- 57:11 minutes)

OK Career Guide (Kuder Journey) for Postsecondary Students
by Kuder Field Training (Length -- 1:06:11)

OK Career Guide (Kuder Navigator) for Middle School Students
by Kuder Field Training (Length -- 31:42 minutes)

OK Career Guide (Kuder Journey) for Adults
by Kuder Field Training (Length -- 1:00:15)

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