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Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning captures students’ interests and helps them connect their academic learning with their career and college goals.

SREB’s project-based learning coaches work with teams of academic and career pathway teachers in schools and technology centers to develop projects that encourage students to think critically and apply academic, technical and workplace know-how to solve problems.

What Makes SREB’s PBL Approach Work

  • Authentic projects are grounded in the kinds of workplace problems that real professionals face
  • Community partners with real-world expertise mentor students and review their projects
  • Interdisciplinary teacher teams collaborate across disciplines to co-plan instruction
  • Standards-driven projects help students meet key benchmarks of college and career readiness
  • Formative and summative assessments provide actionable data on skill attainment
  • Sustainability plans support teachers in scaling up PBL school wide
  • Gold standard principles from the Buck Institute for Education and HSTW provide a foundation for all projects

For additional information, contact Ivy Alford at ivy.alford@sreb.org

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