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Student Services Endorsement 2011-12

For Technology Center Student Services Staff - The Student Services Endorsement Program is designed to rapidly improve upon the existing foundation of skills for those practicing in technology centers in the student services area. Student Services incorporates counselors, job placement/development staff, career specialists, career assessment staff, student services coordinators, special needs coordinators and financial aid administrators. It is designed for newly-hired technology center student services staff, but veteran staff can also benefit.

Sign up for the coming year and be a part of:

  • Eighth Student Services Endorsement Program
    (we do not offer this every year)
  • Content sessions with content experts in all student services areas
  • Hands on activities
  • Tours of industries
  • Tours of selected technology centers
  • Showcasing and sharing best practices
  • Bonding and networking times
  • And a whole lot of other fun stuff…..

Download - SSE Application and Information

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