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Technology Centers That Work

The nation’s 500+ technology centers have a critical mission to provide high school students an opportunity to earn or make significant progress toward an advanced credential aligned to career opportunities in their region or state.

The need for strong school leadership cannot be overstated. SREB is committed to working with state, district and center leaders to adapt the new HSTW Key Practices to the unique mission of CTE centers to ensure that students:

  • have access to guided Career Pathway programs of study aligned to high-demand career fields and leading to postsecondary studies, worksite learning experiences and middle- and high-income careers;
  • acquire the mix of applied knowledge and foundational academic, literacy, math, personal and workplace skills needed to adapt to an ever-changing workplace and to pursue postsecondary studies in their chosen career; and
  • acquire a credible credential in high school and build the skills to pursue an advanced credential in the workplace or postsecondary setting.

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