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Marketing Education Program Specifications

Requirements and specifications for Marketing Education programs.


The Marketing Management classroom should be large enough to accommodate the class with the largest number of students enrolled (20-25 students maximum). Keep in mind that the Marketing Management curriculum requires teachers to use a variety of teaching methods, including cooperative and constructive learning, role playing and the use of technology. These activities require a larger classroom than normal. Additional space should be allowed for setting up industry-specific learning centers that will include computers, printers, video cassette players as well as work space. All Marketing Management programs are required to have an office attached to the classroom that allows the teacher to conduct confidential student/employer conferences while observing classroom activity. The office must be equipped with a telephone.

Application Process

According to procedures established by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (ODCTE) for implementing a new occupational program, the applications are mailed from the state director's office to all public school superintendents in Oklahoma in February and March. Each school desiring a program must complete the application and return it to the ODCTE by the designated date in April. A tentatively approved list will be compiled by May, and all schools applying will be notified of their status of approval immediately following thereafter. The final letter of approval will be mailed to each school immediately following legislative approval of the new funding in June.

Specific Requirements

  1. Each selected teacher must hold an Oklahoma occupational teaching certificate in Marketing Education. Recommendations of the Marketing Education State Program Specialist are encouraged. Report to the Business, Marketing and Information Technology Education Program Administrator.
  2. Each selected program design must be approved by the State Program Administrator of Marketing Education.
  3. Each program must follow the curriculum plan approved by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.
  4. Each selected program will have as an integral part of the curriculum an affiliated and active chapter of DECA, the career and technology student organization for marketing students.
  5. Each new teacher will be required to attend the New Teacher Academy held in July to aid in preparation for teaching a Marketing Education program. All teachers are required to attend the Annual Summer Conference held in Tulsa each August as well as two New Teacher Academy follow-up days during the year. Report to the Business, Marketing and Information Technology Education Program Administrator
  6. Equipment purchased with state funds for each program must be approved by the Marketing Education Division of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.
  7. The program must operate within the guidelines established by the Board of CareerTech Education.
  8. School administrators are encouraged to seek qualified applicants by contacting the State Program Administrator.

Students Served

The Marketing Management programs offer opportunities for students in the 9th through 12th grades (11th through Adult in the Technology Centers). For those planning to enter the work force immediately after high school graduation, or continue their education in marketing, management and entrepreneurship, our programs can give them the "edge on their competition" by teaching them the fundamental skills of marketing and management.

Program Funding

For each approved secondary occupational marketing, management, and entrepreneurship program, the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education is providing funding in the following manner for comprehensive high schools:

  • $6,500 per program incentive assistance grant per year (re-occurring).
  • $2000 per year salary supplement to assist with the additional duties assumed by an occupational teacher to fully implement and promote the occupational program. (10-month extended contract) per year (re-occurring).

Programs in technology schools are funded on the standard area school formula.

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