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Professional Development

The Professional Development Division implements a comprehensive statewide staff development program for CareerTech educators and partners. Divisional energies focus on: coordinating professional development activities, implementing teacher induction/mentoring programs, developing teacher recruitment/retention programs, working with agency divisions on curriculum in services, providing workshops for teachers seeking National Board Certification, collaborating with higher education, initiating leadership activities, coordinating special projects, and providing state CareerTech agency conference coordination.

CareerTech Perspectives

CareerTech Perspectives offers a hands-on approach to learning the intricacies of our system; providing the future generation of leaders with the foundation necessary to accomplish our mission, understanding the vital role the CareerTech system plays in the success of individuals and our state’s economy.

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CareerTech Master Teacher

The CareerTech Master Teacher program will create a professional learning community of outstanding teacher trainers who will evaluate their classroom practices and improve their skills to mastery level. The objective of this program is to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on their teaching methods, and expand their skills by integrating technology into their teaching practices

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CareerTech Women in Leadership

The purpose of the CT Women in Leadership program is to create a professional learning community that will maximize leadership opportunities for women in CareerTech Education.

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Technology Center Administrator Program (TechCAP)

The Technology Center Administrator Program (TechCAP) is an intensive technology center administrator preparation program for individuals currently working in the technology center system who aspire to establish, continue, or advance their technology center administrator career and increase their knowledge of the CareerTech system. All projects and agenda items incorporate a superintendent's or campus director's point of view.

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Professional Development Center

What is the PDC? The Oklahoma CareerTech Professional Development Center (PDC) is a web-based professional development planning resource for people and teams working in career and technology education. The PDC guides teachers, counselors, support staff and administrators through progressively identifying and developing essential skills for a greater impact in job performance. The PDC provides custom designed tools to help you: define your professional development goals; identify the skills you need to achieve your goals (Comfort Zone); plan learning strategies to acquire those skills; locate resources and mentors to help you obtain your goals; access virtual mentoring; and learn from successful practices.

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Lottery Trust Fund Scholarships and Oklahoma CareerTech Foundation Scholarships

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