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Prospective Teacher Resources

Assistance for Prospective Teachers to locate resources and determine their options for certification

This website is intended to be a resource for:

  • Individuals wishing to know more about teaching in the CareerTech system.
  • Subject matter experts interested in teaching short-term or customizable programs.
  • Beginning CTE teachers wishing to complete the Oklahoma teacher certification requirements.
  • Beginning and experienced teachers wishing to know about ODCTE sponsored Professional Development for teachers.
  • CTE teachers wishing to complete the Oklahoma teacher certification renewal requirements.
  • CTE teachers and administrators wishing to add certifications.

Who can become a CareerTech teacher?

  • An individual with a degree may become a CareerTech teacher through alternative certification, required certification exams and additional educational requirements.
  • A non-bachelor degreed individual with professional experience or credentials may become a CareerTech teacher through provisional certification, required certification exams or competency exams and pursuit of a bachelor degree.

Oklahoma State Department of Education Teacher Certification

CEOE - Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Education


When are new teachers hired in the CareerTech system?

New teachers are hired as needed.

Where might teaching positions be open in the CareerTech system?

There are a  variety of educational sites in which a CareerTech teacher might teach:

  • Business and Industry Services
  • 398 comprehensive school districts
  • 14 Skills Centers
  • 29 technology center districts operating on 59 campuses

Why should I consider becoming a CareerTech teacher?

  • CareerTech instructors work with students to apply academics to real world situations through guided practice and hands-on learning.

  • CareerTech instructors have the opportunity to develop students':

    • Academic Skills

    • Leadership Skills

    • Technical Knowledge

    • Earning Potential

    • Employability Skills

How do I become a CareerTech teacher?

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