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Benefits to Beginning Teachers

The professional development sessions help beginning career/technical teachers meet the challenges that most teachers face in their first few years of teaching. Upon completion of the first two-week summer institute, for example, they will have:

  • A classroom management plan to motivate students and promote positive behavior
  • A course syllabus that they can share with students and parents that outlines what will be taught throughout the year
  • Lesson plans for the first two weeks of school
  • An instructional plan for at least one teaching unit for the first nine weeks
  • Strategies to make lessons exciting and engaging to students
  • A comprehensive assessment plan and a format for setting up a grade book
  • In two to three-day professional development sessions during each quarter of the year, teachers reflect on how things are going, get answers to their questions, and plan for the next quarter.
  • Monthly Video Conference and coaching visits from workshop instructors, provide “just-in-time” answers about classroom management, assessment, and planning.
  • OSU, in partnership with ODCTE, will deliver this "quick start" program. Participants will have the option of obtaining 15 hours of university credit that will apply toward their Professional Core requirements for teacher certification. (2013-2014 Cohort)

Benefits to Administrators and Mentor Teachers

  • The program materials provide specific suggestions to beginning teachers that guide the interactions they will have with administrators and mentors. Suggestions include topics for discussion, areas of focus for observations, and materials to share and discuss together. These materials will add substance to the teacher-mentor relationship and provide a common language the new teacher and mentor can use to discuss their practice.
  • Administrators and mentor teachers receive a walk-through checklist of specific behaviors that are taught in the professional development. The checklist can be used for administrative walk-through to provide constructive feedback or by teacher mentors to focus “look for” in classroom observations.
  • The program materials include research-based, up-to-date resources that can be used with any career/technical teacher. Instructional planning templates, classroom management planning forms, assessment guides, and information on how to implement cooperative learning, project-based learning, and the integration of challenging literacy and mathematics can help administrators and mentor teachers improve curriculum and instruction school wide.
  • Mentor Payment - will be based on documented hours spent with your beginning teacher.  Please devise a method to document the topic and time you spend.
  • Payment Scale
    More information will be available soon.

Jennifer Wehrenberg, Leadership & Professional Development Specialist

Phone: 405.743.5155

Nathan Brubaker, Leadership & Professional Development Specialist

Phone: 405.743.5113

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