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CareerTech History Documented in CIMC Catalogs

CareerTech History Documented in CIMC Catalogs
Not even ten years after...the CIMC opened its doors, Oklahoma already had established its primacy as a national resource for curriculum and instructional materials. That meant a lot — and a lot more than just prestige. It made Oklahoma a major player in a billion-dollar-a-year business and a major influence where occupational training was presented anywhere by anybody.

—Danney Goble, author and historian, from Learning to Earn: A History of Career and Technology Education in Oklahoma

1982 CIMC catalog coverA key role of the CIMC in its early years was to not only develop instructional materials, but to teach teachers how to use those materials to become more effective teachers. Many early CIMC Catalogs include information about a complete instructional system and how it works. Early CIMC products were printed on color-coded paper and CIMC staff provided in-service training directly to teachers on how to use the products. Some CIMC Catalogs even included a free, complete unit of instruction.

Download the 1982-83 Catalog

1985 CIMC catalog coverCompetency profiles and duty-task lists were key instructional products in the 1980s and 1990s. The profiles were printed on folders to accompany CIMC products and were a popular giveaway item at national conferences. (See the 1985 CIMC Catalog.) The agency Testing staff developed a series of duty-task lists that became a hallmark of their work in the years before national standards and the internet.

Download the 1985 Catalog

Before the national CTSOs marketed their own handbooks and manuals, the CIMC offered its “Learn, Grow, Become” series to introduce students to each organization, its history, and its traditions. (See the 1988 CIMC Catalog.)

1988 CIMC catalog coverDownload the 1988 Catalog

The largest and most successful partnership for curriculum development was between the CIMC and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). AGC paid for one curriculum specialist in CIMC to manage the development of all AGC curriculum, which was sold throughout the United States.

1993 CIMC catalog coverVideo production at the agency was originally a function in support of instructional materials. The ODCTE video staff — Dana Cole, Perry Thoele, and Tom Fields — wrote the scripts, shot the video, and edited the video. A major video product sold by the CIMC for many years was the residential and commercial carpentry video series that supplemented the AGC print curriculum.

Download the 1993 catalog

Documenting basic skills in curriculum was a national focus in the early 1990s. One early contribution from the CIMC was a five-point approach to integrating and documenting the basic skills addressed in a curriculum. (See the 1993 CIMC Catalog, page 37.) Basic skills alignment later became a feature of curriculum and textbooks provided by most national publishers.

1997 CIMC catalogIn the late 1980s and early 1990s, a major focus of industry training was on quality principles and strategic planning. The BIS/ACD staff at the agency were major providers of this training to industry clients. The entire ODCTE staff also participated in a quality improvement process. The CIMC developed related instructional materials.

Download the 1997 catalog

2002 CIMC catalog coverIn the mid-1990s, School-to-Work was a national initiative and the ODCTE was at the forefront. The agency formed an internal team to write a proposal for federal funding (which we received). The CIMC developed an entire series of how-to guides to assist administrators and teachers with implementing School-to-Work concepts. (See the 1997 CIMC Catalog, featuring a cover based on a painting of the CIMC building by noted watercolor artist — and former ODCTE Art Department manager — Bob Davis.)

Download the 2002 catalog

2007 CIMC catalog coverDigital delivery was a focus at the turn of the current century. The inside front cover of the 2002 CIMC Catalog lists new digital products produced by the CIMC with its partner, Training Associates.

Download the 2007 catalog

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